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Cek Nama Domain
.com .co .co.com
.shop .id .co.id
.store .biz .info
.online .media .net
.site .asia .org
.global .website .company
.design .world .gallery
.express .center .works
.solutions .club    .international
TLD Popular lainnya
.web.id .biz.id .or.id
.ac.id .sch.id .my.id
.bz .mobi .me
Domain Baru Popular Lainnya
.house .land .zone
.city .place .town
.accountant   .accountants .actor
.army .attorney .band
.bike .builders .ceo
.contractors .dentist .engineer
.florist .football .futbol
.guru .lawyer   .photography
Bidang Usaha
.academy .agency .airforce
.apartments .archi .associates
.auction .audio .bar
.bargains .beer .best
.bid .bingo .bio
.boutique .build .business
.buzz .camera .cab
.cafe .camp .capital
.cards .care .careers
.cash .casino .catering
.chat .cheap .christmas
.church .claims .cleaning
.click .clinic .cloud
.clothing .coach .codes
.coffee .college .community
.computer .condos .cooking
.construction   .country .coupons
.courses .credit .creditcard
.cricket .cruises .dance
.date .dating .deals
.degree .delivery .dental
.diamonds .diet .digital
.direct .directory .discount
.dog .domains .download
.earth .education .email
.engineering .enterprises .equipment
.energy .estate .expert
.events .exchange .faith
.family .fans .farm
.fashion .film .finance
.financial .fish .fishing
.fit .fitness .flights
.flowers .forsale .foundation
.fund .furniture .fyi
.games .garden .gift
.gifts .gives .glass
.gmbh .gold .golf
.graphics .gratis .guide
.guitars .haus .healthcare
.help .hockey .holdings
.holiday .horse .host
.hosting .how .industries
.ink .institute .insure
.jewelry .kitchen     .investments
.law .lease .legal
.life .lighting .limited
.limo .link .live
.loans .lol .love
.management   .market .luxury
.maison .marketing .mba
.memorial .men .menu
.moda .moe .mom
.money .mortgage .movie
.name .navy .news
.network .ninja .one
.ooo .partners .parts
.party .photo .photos
.physio .press   .productions
.pics .pictures .pizza
.plumbing .plus .promo
.property .properties .pub
.qpon .racing .recipes
.rehab .rent .rentals
.repair .report .rest
.restaurant .review .reviews
.rip .rodeo .run
.sale .school .science
.services .shoes .shopping
.show .ski .social
.soccer .software .solar
.soy .space .stream
.studio .study .style
.supplies .supply .support
.surf .surgery .systems
.tattoo .tax .taxi
.team .tech .technology
.theater .theatre .tips
.tires .tm .tools
.tours .toys .trade
.training .tube .tv
.university .vacation .ventures
.vet .video .villas
.vip .vision .vodka
.vote .voting .voto
.voyage .watch .webcam
.wedding .wine .work
.black .blue .green
.pink .red  
Domain Terbaru Lainnya
.abogado .bayern .blackfriday
.casa .cool .cymru
.democrat .desi .eus
.exposed .fail .gal
.gripe .hiphop .hiv
.immo .immobilien .irish
.jetzt .juegos .kaufen
.kim .kiwi .ltda
.ngo .ong .onl
.pw .reise .reisen
.republican .rocks .sarl
.schule .scot .sexy
.singles .shiksha .srl
.sucks .tienda .today
.uno .viajes .vin
.wales .wiki .win
.wtf .xyz  
Negara dan Kota
.barcelona .berlin .br.com
.cc .ch .cm
.cn .cn.com .de.com
.eu.com .gr.com .gs
.hamburg .hu.com .in
.jpn.com .la .li
.london .melbourne .miami
.ms .nagoya .no.com
.nu .nyc .okinawa
.osaka .paris .pe
.qc.com .quebec .ru.com
.ryukyu .sa.com .se.com
.se.net .sydney .tc
.tw .com.tw .idv.tw
.org.tw .uk.com .uk.net
.us .us.com .us.org
.uy.com .vegas .vg
.ws .yokohama .za.com
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Setiap Nama Domain Termasuk:
– Toll Free Support 24 jam
– 100 E-mail Forwarding
– Domain/URL Forwarder & Frame
– Create/Modify Name Server
– Create/Modify MX Records
– Live Control Panel untuk Anda!
Hanya Rp.125.000/tahun!
Layanan Web Hosting
Upgrade domain Anda! Anda dapat memiliki web Online Shop, Company Profile atau blog Anda sendiri dengan fasilitas yang lengkap: Layanan Technical Support melalui Blackberry Messenger + WhatsApp, Control Panel canggih: cPanel, Fantastico (WordPress, CMS Joomla, OScommerce & 330 Script PHP Auto-Install), Mailing List dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya. Harga sangat terjangkau!
Transfer Registrar Nama Domain
Pindahkan nama domain anda dari perusahaan lain ke TechScape! Temukan mengapa begitu banyak perusahaan mempercayakan nama domaim mereka dikelola di TechScape.com!
Domain Maker: Pencarian Kombinasi Nama Domain!
Kesulitan mendapatkan nama domain dengan 1 kata? Manfaatkan fasilitas Domain Maker v.3 untuk menemukan nama domain 2 kata dengan berbagai kombinasi kata,
semuanya otomatis!


Sebelum Anda memutuskan untuk membeli nama domain Anda, kami persilahkan Anda mencoba Demo Domain Manager kami atau sering disebut juga sebagai Control Panel. Secara live, Anda dapat menguji seluruh fasilitas yang kami sediakan seperti: 100 E-Mail Forwarding, URL Redirect/Frame, CNAME, A, dsbnya.


Tahukah Anda bahwa nama, alamat, email dan nomor telepon Anda langsung tersebar di internet begitu Anda mendaftarkan sebuah nama domain? Betul, setiap orang dapat memperoleh identitas Anda tersebut apabila mereka mengetahui nama domain Anda, mereka cukup melihatnya melalui WHOIS nama domain Anda! Ini juga berarti privasi Anda dapat dilihat publik!Kini Anda dapat menggunakan jasa registrar kami: “Proteksi WHOIS” untuk menyembunyikan informasi WHOIS Anda. Hanya dengan menambahkan biaya Rp.115.000/tahun per domain (di luar biaya pendaftaran nama domain)!Click di sini untuk informasi lebih detail!
Dwayne Savage

Recently switched to your service for my hosting and have been VERY satisfied so far. You also have an excellent tech. staff that has helped me a great deal and been very prompt with replies to my ( sometimes stupid ) questions ! Please let the people who help out us newbies know that they are doing a fine job, and all of you at Techscape keep up the GREAT work !!

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